Cohabitation Rights

When you embark on a relationship with someone and that relationship progresses to moving in together and/or having children together, understandably people don’t want to think about what would happen if the relationship happened to come to an end.   Sadly this does happen and some couples believe that they have the same protection as married couples do when they split up. However, the law in this area is some what out of date and this is not the case. With this is in mind it is therefore worth taking legal advice and considering what options you have open to you to help plan for the future, in terms of finances and any children of the relationship if your relationship doesn’t work out how you both expected it to.

How can a solicitor help?

Documentation can be drafted to reflect your own personal circumstances to cover matters such as in relation to finances, how any property is owned between you and how this should then be resolved if you separate, and matters concerning child arrangements as to where the child(ren) will live and how they spend time with the parent they don’t live with.

If you are cohabiting, it is important that these issues are considered and legal advice is taken in order for your best interests to be taken care of in the unfortunate event of the breakdown of a relationship.

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