Police Station Representation

Legal Specialists in Criminal Law

Should you ever be arrested or asked to attend a Police Station on a voluntary basis, you have a right to free and independent legal assistance from a Solicitor of your choice and you should request Allington Hughes as soon as you are arrested.

It is vital that you are legally represented when you are interviewed especially if you are innocent. You cannot rely on the Police to look after your interests and need the benefit of independent advice.

Advice and assistance during your detention at a police station can make a great difference to the eventual outcome of your case. The interview stage can be the most important aspect of any criminal case. We have a committed team of Duty Solicitors and Accredited Representatives enabling us to offer 24 hour assistance, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year at Police Stations throughout the region. Everyone is entitled to free and independent legal advice from a solicitor of your choice at a Police Station, irrespective of means, if you are arrested without warning just inform the Police that you require Allington Hughes Law to represent you and they will contact us.

For more information please contact the specialist advisers in our Criminal Team on 01978 29100. Alternatively, email [email protected]

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