Sexual Allegations

Legal Specialists in Criminal Law

We understand that being accused of an offence of this nature is an extremely difficult time.

False allegations of a sexual nature can destroy lives. Not only do they affect the person accused but they affect their family and friends. Very often allegations of this nature are based on one person’s word against yours, there need not be independent evidence for these allegations to proceed to court.

There has been wide spread publicity involving high profile individuals being accused of allegations of this type. However, long before the recent press explosion we have been successfully defending people who are faced with such allegations. We have a vast amount of experience in dealing with such cases.

We have a specialist criminal defence team made up of solicitors, solicitor-advocates and support staff. We also instruct a select list of barristers who are also specialist’s in this field. We know how important these cases are to those accused and that’s why we are always at the end of the phone to provide not only legal advice but support throughout the proceedings.

Do not leave the outcome to chance, ensure that you instruct experts in this field.

For more information regarding sexual allegations, please contact our criminal team on 01978 291000 or alternatively email [email protected]