Personal Injury Trusts

in North Wales

If you or your dependants are awarded compensation, it is vital that you obtain advice on Personal Injury Trusts. Unlike some of the claim “farms” you may be approached by, Allington Hughes offer all clients a thorough and complete service.

If you are in receipt of benefits, a compensation payment can put you outside the scope of eligibility. Creating a Personal Injury Trust can ensure that the compensation is “disregarded” for means testing purposes thereby safeguarding the benefit and the compensation fund. Even if you are not currently in receipt of benefits, you should receive advice on the possibility of a Trust to ensure your interests are protected in future.

If the compensation was awarded in respect of a child or a vulnerable adult, whether or not the vulnerability relates to the cause of compensation payment, there are different types of Trusts available. Some Trusts can assist in preventing an immediate charge to inheritance tax and are useful in tax planning for parents with vulnerable children.

Allington Hughes can offer specialist advice. We will assist you in obtaining compensation which you are entitled to, and we will also ensure that you are fully and properly advised as to the best way of protecting this money without affecting your other entitlements.