We understand that when choosing a solicitor, costs are an important part in this decision and subsequently, Allington Hughes offers competitive pricing structures. As an Allington Hughes client, you can be expected to be treated with respect, listened to, be trusted and also cared for. We always take pride in the work we do and believe that everyone should have access to justice. Our solicitors all have valuable experience and qualifications and maintain open, honest communication throughout their work.

Primarily, our charges are based on the time we spend on your matters.  Such time includes meetings with you and others, time spent travelling, considering, researching, drafting, preparing and working on papers and correspondence, including email correspondence, as well as the time taken in making and receiving telephone calls.

The hourly charge is reviewed annually.  Our charges are communicated to you by way of our engagement letter. If VAT is included in the price, it is charged at the standard rate of 20%.

This pricing information is a guide. To read more about costs in specific departments, please click on the relevant links:

Residential conveyancing


Motoring offences

Employment Tribunals

Debt recovery

We believe everyone should have access to justice, and subsequently we will advise you if Legal Aid, or any other financial assistance, might be available to you. You can read more about Legal Aid here.

You can read our full Terms of Business here.