Regulatory Offences

Case Studies

Our client had, unbeknown to him, allowed silage eluent to run into the underground field drainage system. This had in turn drained into a nearby river causing pollution to the river and killing a number of fish. Natural Resources Wales investigated the matter and immediately sought to blame our client. Our client was requested to attend a formal interview under caution, which we attended with him to ensure his legal rights were upheld and that the interview was conducted properly. Following the interview we were able to make strenuous representations to National Resource Wales and ultimately persuaded them not to prosecute our client. This highlights the importance of having expert legal advice as soon as possible in any such investigation.


Our client’s partner had passed away and they found themselves responsible for a large number of livestock.  Whilst they endeavoured to take care of the farm, a difficult winter meant the challenge was too great and resulted in the death of sheep and a large number of sheep carcasses amassing on their land. Trading Standards began their investigation and required our client to attend a formal interview. Our client instructed us to represent them during the investigation stage. We were able to make lengthy representations to the Local Authority and persuade them, in the circumstances, not to prosecute our client.


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