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The Wills, Trusts and Probate team offer an experienced and genuinely specialist knowledge which includes three full members of the Society of the Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). STEP is a unique professional body, and you can rest assured that its members have been comprehensively trained in advising clients about Wills, Trusts and Deceased Estates matters (including taxation).

Each of our service areas has its own complexity and we recognise that it is our role to guide you through the process of putting your affairs in order (for example through a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney) or perhaps helping you at the most difficult time, through the loss of a loved one or helping a relative who is in some way infirm.

Our team are here to advise you. It will be entirely your decision how much of the work we carry out and how much you wish to undertake yourself.

Whatever your personal circumstances, our dedicated team is in a position to help you throughout.


It is natural to delay making a Will as of course, nobody likes to think about what will happen when they are gone. Some people simply assume there is no reason to make a Will as their estates will pass as they think it should, for example, to a spouse. The reality is that when you die, your estate will pass in one of two ways: either as the law provides under the Intestacy Rules or in accordance with any valid Will that you have executed.

In the first instance, if you die without leaving a valid Will, it can lead to unexpected consequences and your closest relatives may in fact not benefit from all of your estate. Another important aspect of a Will is that it appoints a person (a Personal Representative) to manage your estate and that appointment is effective the moment you die; without a Will, however, only the court can constitute a Personal Representative. A Will is therefore an extremely important document.

At Allington Hughes we have a specialist Wills Department. We take time to understand your own individual circumstances, including the size of your estate and your family composition. We then ask how you want your estate to pass and advise on the most effective way of doing this, taking into account any other major factors, such as taxation implications.

Our specialist team can advise on:

  • The appointment of guardians
  • The use of trusts in your Will
  • Inheritance Tax Planning for your Wills
  • Passing your estate to vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Gifts to charities

Trusts and asset advice

Trusts can be used for many reasons. Our team is able to create trusts and advise Trustees in relation to the ongoing administration of the trust.

We can advise upon and establish Trusts to;

  • Protect the assets of disabled individuals
  • Establish Personal Injury Trusts
  • Advise in relation to the various taxation implications of trusts
  • Advise upon Trustees’ duties

Estate Administration

When a relative or friend dies it can often seem difficult to know where to turn. This is particularly so with regards to dealing with their estate. There are sometimes very complex rules surrounding this area and at Allington Hughes we are able to assist and guide you through estate administration during an extremely distressing time.

Our highly experienced team is able to deal with all estates. The team has experience of dealing with small to medium value estates and large value estates which are complex. The team has had experience of intestate estates (where there is no will), estates concerning agricultural and business property and foreign assets.

Inheritance tax

When your individual estate reaches a certain level (currently £325,000) everything above that is taxed at 40%. It is possible however to take certain steps to reduce or even extinguish that liability.

There are various mechanisms we employ to achieve an Inheritance Tax saving, some of which are as follow;

  • Inheritance Tax planning through Wills
  • Use of lifetime gifts (including gifts into Trusts)

We can guide you through the process and help you understand what options are best for your circumstances.

Probate Disputes

We are able to advise and represent in relation to the following;

  • Where there are claims that the will is invalid, for example an allegation that the testator lacked capacity to make a will or if it is suspected that the testator was unduly influenced by a third party in making the will;
  • Claims by disappointed beneficiaries under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975;
  • The removal of executors and trustees in appropriate circumstances;
  • Rectification of a will.

Our solicitors are experienced in bringing or defending these actions. Our Civil team and Private Client team work closely together in order to provide an effective and non-adversarial approach to the resolution of disputes.

Charity and Licensing

Are you a Charity?

The Commercial Team at Allington Hughes has specialist advisers to assist your charity with all aspects of its dealings. We can assist you with the setting up and operation of the charity; we are also able to assist you with employment matters; health and safety issues; and the Sale / Purchase / Lease of premises.

For more information on the setting up and operation of your charity please contact Steve Davies on 01978 291000

Are you running a Licensed Premises?

The Commercial Team at Allington Hughes has specialist advisers to assist you with all aspects of Licensing Law. We can advise you on changes in Licensing law, regulations and orders and assist you with the implementation of the same.

Personal Injury Trusts

If you or your dependants are awarded compensation, it is vital that you obtain advice on Personal Injury Trusts. Unlike some of the claim “farms” you may be approached by, Allington Hughes offer all clients a thorough and complete service.

If you are in receipt of benefits, a compensation payment can put you outside the scope of eligibility. Creating a Personal Injury Trust can ensure that the compensation is “disregarded” for means testing purposes thereby safeguarding the benefit and the compensation fund. Even if you are not currently in receipt of benefits, you should receive advice on the possibility of a Trust to ensure your interests are protected in future.

If the compensation was awarded in respect of a child or a vulnerable adult, whether or not the vulnerability relates to the cause of compensation payment, there are different types of Trusts available. Some Trusts can assist in preventing an immediate charge to inheritance tax and are useful in tax planning for parents with vulnerable children.

Allington Hughes can offer specialist advice. We will assist you in obtaining compensation which you are entitled to, and we will also ensure that you are fully and properly advised as to the best way of protecting this money without affecting your other entitlements.

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